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Unfortunately, no. We see ourselves as a technology company that will soon offer the dismantling of composite materials such as PV panels as a service. This means that we are not a recycling company and do not have a first-time acceptance license for e-waste. However, we are already collaborating with international companies in order to be able to accept modules worldwide and to feed the materials back into the cycle.
The heart of the process is a high-intensity light pulse, similar to the flash of a camera. It follows the same path as the sunlight would and heats the light-absorbing layers up to several hundred degrees Celsius. The combined effect of heat and material expansion enables the separation at the boundary layers. This process is supplemented by preliminary and subsequent, fully automated, mechanical process steps. More detailed information can be found under the menu item "Technology".
Our process starts with an untreated end-of-life module, practically fresh from the field. After a dry cleaning, the frame is removed. Then, thanks to our effective exposure, the remaining main components can be easily separated from each other. The following materials can be recycled: glass, aluminium, polymers, cables & junction boxes and the valuable solar cells.
The separation of silicon and silver is not yet part of our standard disassembly line. A wet-chemical process is required to separate these two substances. However, we are already working on offering a suitable solution regarding this matter in the future.
Both silicon-based modules and thin-film modules can be recycled with the FLAXRES technology. For our process, it is irrelevant whether the front glass is intact or broken.
The equipment is not sold, but we follow a rental concept on a monthly basis. Since we are using a mobile solution, we enable an application wherever it is needed. The market entry with the first five production units is planned for 2024.
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