About us

At FLAXRES we are combining innovation and environmental awareness. With our technology, real recycling of photovoltaic panels is possible.


Our company was founded in 2017 with the aim of revolutionizing the recycling of composite materials, such as photovoltaic panels. Back then, the founders Harald Gross and Michael Heuschkel started testing in the basement. Today, this technology is installed in 40-foot oversea containers. FLAXRES has grown into an internationally networked company that offers the pure separation and thus the recovery of main components as a B2B service.

FLAXRES is now surprising with a new process and promises a clean dismantling of the modules into the individual layers. If this is done cleanly enough, it is a big step towards circular economy and sustainability.
pv magazine (analogously translated from German)
Judges: Prof. Volker Quaschning, Hans Urban & Winfried Wahl

Our vision

We at FLAXRES see ourselves as a cosmopolitan and tolerant company. With our technology we want to revolutionize the recycling of composite materials and thus make our contribution to sustainability. Accessibility for everyone is important to us in order to create a true circular economy not only in Germany, for example, but worldwide. It goes without saying that we advocate and support the energy transition and the energy generation from renewable energies. Solar energy is particularly important to us. From our point of view a holistic view regarding this topic is still missing. It is not enough to invest in photovoltaics, to build and install modules. Rather, it is crucial to consider the entire life cycle to the end and act accordingly.


For us, sustainability is not just a label. The careful use of resources is a principle in the development of our technology. It is our goal to achieve the greatest possible CO2 savings. We can realise is, for example, through low energy consumption and the absence of chemicals. In addition, we can recover the materials contained within the module in a high quality and obviate downcycling.

The faces behind FLAXRES